Drift Festival

Our hometown Nijmegen has strong roots in the electronic dancescene, and one of the leading dance organisations is Drift om te dansen. Yearly Drift Festival takes place in the middle of the summer: a whole day of dancing and enjoying great music together with like minded people. Have you ever been to Drift you know that it’s unique: a one of a kind industrial location, friendly people and great music.

The team behind Drift asked us to capture the true Drift feeling in one single film. So, to express what Drift Festival stands for, we collaborated with spoken word artist Simon Mamahit. Together with Simon, we produced a strong lyrical piece to accompany the festival Film. We dedicated a big part of the film to the city of Nijmegen, because there is a strong connection between the two and the people who live in Nijmegen.


Drift Festival

Camera & Edit:

Timothy Jongmans


Simon Mamahit